Tanei Boutique Villa, Hotel in Siem Reap

Tanei Boutique Villa in Siem Reap Angkor
Centrally located with a swimming Pool & Green nature

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Tours Arrangement


Our Outreach Program

Tanei Boutique Villa, Hotel in Siem Reap

One Day Tour Itinearary

The Package price is US$ 15 per day for 2 to 4 person with Remok( Tuk Tuk ) around small tour
The Package price is US$ 30 per day for 2 to 4person with Car airconditioner around small tour
The Package price is US$ 45 per day for 6 to 14 person with mini Van ( 14 seat ) around small tour

Local English Speaking Tour Guide is US$ 40/day, Chinese Speaking US$60/day, Spain Speaking US$60/day and French Speaking Guide is US$ 55/day


08:30 Leave for tour of Angkor Thom (comprising of the Bayon Temple, Terrace of Elephant and Terrace of Leaper King).

The city of Angkor Thom, established by Jayavarman VII in the twelfth century, was one of the biggest of every single Khmer citie and remained the capital until the seventeenth century. We enter the city through the great south entryway, its tower highlight four confronts indicating in each of cardinal bearings with the elephants holding up the primary door, went before by a no less noteworthy road of Gods and Ashuras (Giant) covering the extension over the structure canal.

The Bayon or state sanctuary of Jayavarman VII is a standout amongst the most cryptic and force religious developments on the planet. It is an one of a kind mass of "confronts tower" which make a stone-heap of rising tops. There were initially 49 towers of which 37are as yet standing today. Most are cut with four appearances on every cardinal point. The focal tower has some more.

The Elephant Terrace is at the heart of Angkor Thom and watches out overage Royal extra. It denote the passageway to the Royal Palace and was the point of convergence for Royal gatherings. The Carving of the elephants along its Wall gives it its cutting edge name.

Porch of Leper King, This monstrous patio is named after the fifteenth century mold that was found on top of it. It presumably goes back to the rule of Jayavarman VII and has been restored in a way, which permits guests to investigate the soonest to latest augmentations by really entering the inward layers of the structure.


14:30 Leave for voyage through Angkor Wat and nightfall at Bakheng Hill

Assemble between the ninth and fourteenth hundreds of years, the City of Angkor is one of the most amazing landmarks ever developed. The whole complex covers give or take 164sq miles with more than 200 sanctuaries. Among the 30 sanctuary that are available today, the most well known is Angkor Wat, the biggest religions building on the planet, with a volume of stone rising to that of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt.

Brought about by Suryavarman II mid twelfth century, Angkor Wat took an expected 30 years to construct. Dissimilar to most other Khmer sanctuaries, it confronts west; the in all probability reason is on the grounds that the sanctuary was committed to Vishnu, who is at times connected with the West.

Phnom Bakheng, late ninth century was the state sanctuary of the first capital of Angkor. Start the rising from the east side at the foot of the slope near the street. The perspective from the top is radiant, especially of Angkor Wat toward the South East and is the most famous spot for visitor at nightfall. The three noticeable slopes of the territory, Phnom Bakheng, Phnom Krom and Phnom Bok were all delegated with sanctuaries at the same period.

Extra Information

Tour Charge

Other place will be additional charge

Entrance Fee

One day pass: US$ 37/person

Two or three day pass : US$ 62/person

One week pass: US$ 72/person

For arrangement please make reservation with us one day in advance or contact inquiries.